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Puppy's first three weeks

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

There are four critical periods in the social life of a puppy. The first critical period spans the neonatal period (birth to fourteen days) and the transition period (fifteen to twenty-one days). Born blind, deaf, defenseless and unable to regulate their own body temperature, the puppies are completely dependent on their mother during this time. It's a period of intensive change and adaptation to the outside world and mama dog is at the center of it all.

"The wires connecting the switch board in the puppy's brain are in the blueprint stage when he is born, and that it takes three weeks to get all the wires hooked tip and the juice turn on, except for a few preliminary test like the backing away, the wobbly walk, and the eventual wink. All is in order by the twenty-first day after birth, and connections can be made."

"The first twenty-one days of the puppy's life is when he most needs his mama and the food she can supply him, the massaging she will give him and the warmth of her body, and his litter mates."

-- The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior. Clarence Pfaffenberger

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