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History. We began raising and training German Shepherd Dogs over thirty years ago! We breed, raise, train, and compete with puppies from our breeding program. John made the Schutzhund USA top scores list several times with owner bred and trained German Shepherd dogs. In 1993 he ranked number 1 on the Schutzhund Top Ten list with Bona vom Wunderhund, one of our very own puppies. He is also a multiple Schutchund 3 club member with owner bred and trained dogs. Love for the amazing German Shepherd breed grew into love of the sport of Shutzhund.


In the 1980's we founded the Connecticut Working Dog Association, the first schutzhund club in Connecticut. As President and Training Director, John helped members achieve regional championship titles, compete successfully at a national level and attain dozens of working titles (AKC, Schutzhund, and police certification) on German Shepherd Dogs s as well as other dog breeds. 


In 1994 we launched one of the first web sites dedicated to the German Shepherd Dog. We also wrote dog training and behavior articles that were published across the globe, including articles on the German Shepherd Dog in DogWorld Magazine, Shutzhund USA, and the German Shepherd Quarterly.

After retiring from sport and police dog training, John worked with thousands of owners and dogs of every breed to rebuild troubled relationships, start puppies off on the right foot or as a more personal, more effective alternative to dog obedience group training classes.

For dog training and behavior articles or to learn more about John's services, visit our dog behavior website at:
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