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About Us

Wundehund German Sheherd Female

Our German Shepherd Dog breeding kennel name is vom Wunderhund, meaning Wonderdog. The name symbolizes how we feel about the German Shepherd Dog and the goal of our breeding program. We are located in Connecticut but serve New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts - for home, for work, for dogsport.

  • Exceptionally bred European German Shepherd working lines

  • Puppies raised with children in our home

  • Applied science for ideal physical and mental health

  • Veterinarian Health Certificate

  • Written contract and health record

  • Parents' hips X-rayed and certified

  • Registered either AKC or Import

  • Plus a whole lot more

"Dog-breeding must be the work of a dog lover, and cannot be a profession, as is the case with other animals, and a means of acquiring bread and butter. If it once becomes that, then it will be dog-dealing that has nothing more to do with serious dog breeding."

Max von Stephanitz, father of the German Shepherd Dog

We take von Stephanitz's words to heart. Breeding German Shepherd Dogs is not our livelihood, it is our passion. I'm John Rodriguez and since our family's first litter of German Shepherd puppies over 30 years ago, we have had fewer than two dozen carefully planned, meticulously cared for litters. Dogs of tremendous character, beauty, and background—bred and raised with extraordinary attention to detail. 

Our German Shepherds are first and foremost valued members of our family. By living, raising, training and competing with our own puppies, we have a deep understanding of our breeding program and the progeny it produces. We understand your needs because we are Schutzhund competitors, trainers, and loving pet owners ourselves!

By having a limited number of litters, we can give each puppy the individual care and attention he needs to develop physically, intellectually, and socially. The work of a serious dog breeder necessary to create a very special German Shepherd dog--one Max would be proud of--one ready to become a super working or competition dog or, most importantly of all, a beloved member of your family.

History. We began raising and training German Shepherd Dogs over thirty years ago! We breed, raise, train, and compete with puppies from our breeding program. John made the Schutzhund USA top scores list several times with owner bred and trained German Shepherd dogs. In 1993 he ranked number 1 on the Schutzhund Top Ten list with Bona vom Wunderhund, one of our puppies. He is also a multiple Schutchund 3 club member with owner bred and trained dogs.

Love of the German Shepherd, grew into love of the sport of Shutzhund. In the 1980's we founded the Connecticut Working Dog Association, the first schutzhund club in Connecticut. As President and Training Director, John helped members achieve regional championship titles, compete successfully at a national level and attain dozens of working titles (AKC, Schutzhund, and police certification) on German Shepherds as well as other dog breeds. 

In 1994 we launched one of the first web sites dedicated to the German Shepherd Dog. We also wrote dog training and behavior articles that were published across the globe, including articles on the German Shepherd Dog in DogWorld Magazine, Shutzhund USA, and the German Shepherd Quarterly. We'd like to say a "Thank You" to those who visited and wrote to us during those early years.

We are dedicated to preserving this truly amazing breed adhering to the German Shepherd Dog's creator when he said, "our dog is completely ruined in mind and body wherever he is treated only as merchandise, (which, indeed may have a high monetary value as such), or when he is regarded as an adjunct to feed vanity."  


We have very limited breedings of the finest quality shepherds, then use science, time and love to ensure our puppies are off to the very best start possible.


From our family to yours with love, 
John Rodriguez & Family

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